Yulia Jeltuhin

Conversation with a Crow (24" x 18")

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All the Giclee are delivered in 3+" tubes.
We do not provide stretcher bars or frames.

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This portrait for sale tells a tale about a girl speaking to some crow. It might appear odd at first, however since you stare at it for a few minutes, you start to wonder what kind of things they are talking about. Within this oil portrait available, the broad variety of colors calms your eyes. It’s a fantastic painting to liven up the room. The girl’s hair is a mixture of yellows, oranges, and reds which obviously depicts her fierce nature. She is not scared of anything and, although she wears a purple mask, her eyes seem to stare deep into your spirit. A crow is on her shoulders with its beak pointing towards her left ear. The crow is trying to tell something and it’s grabbed her attention. This artwork portrait for sale is, without a doubt, you must get for your own.