Evgeny Lushpin

Cold Harmony (28" x 28")

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All the Giclee are delivered in 3+" tubes.
We do not provide stretcher bars or frames.

Year of original artwork:



The beautiful wine bottle with a cork stands tall in the middle of the painting. Surrounded by many random subjects, like the thin brown jar, a golden ball, random seashells, and white cylinder, diversity is achieved in the painting. The beauty of its masterpiece lies in what it symbolizes. It can be an ode to the differences in opinions, race, and other factors that create gaps and misunderstandings. However, in this painting, these differences came together perfectly making a stand-out work-of-art. The connectedness of these various subjects is evident. Truth be told without their respective uniqueness, the whole still life painting will lose its charm. This simple painting is suitable for any areas inside the house for its basic design that surprisingly comes with a deep significance.