Evgeny Lushpin

Still Waiting (16" x 23")

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All the Giclee are delivered in 3+" tubes.
We do not provide stretcher bars or frames.

Year of original artwork:



The painting utilized brown and red tones in prominence, resulting in a warm and endearing . From the twilight sky to the the trees full of leaves to the vacant waiting area, everything came together perfectly. The yellow lights also complemented the rest of the painting. Of course, the focal point of this medium is the streetcar. With only a few passengers on board, the operator patiently waits. Possibly reflecting about how his day went or pondering on some of life's mysteries. There is something intriguing and magnetizing about how simple the theme of the painting is and yet, it can make you think and feel. Paintings like these do not come often. Its effect on your will never wore out.