Evgeny Lushpin

Tahoe Sunrise (48" x 32")

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All the Giclee are delivered in 3+" tubes.
We do not provide stretcher bars or frames.

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Cityscape paintings are fantastic works of art. They take you to a place you've never been in before. If you've never been out of the country, you'll surely appreciate this winter painting of the city of Krumlov. Just by staring at this painting, you start to imagine what it would be like if you were there. Before you know it, you start to feel the cold winter air touch your face and you start to see the sun rise bringing a whole new day along with it. The houses on the riverside start to lit up one by one as residents wake up and prepare for the first meal of the day. The river is calm and you can tell how cold the water is due to the snowy weather. The bridge is also covered with snow which is why extreme caution is needed when crossing it. "Krumlov" is a great river city painting that looks great at any wall inside your home...