Evgeny Lushpin

Seven Sisters (26"x42")

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All the Giclee are delivered in 3+" tubes.
We do not provide stretcher bars or frames.

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"Seven Sisters" is a stunning cityscape painting of San Francisco to enhance your room. You can just imagine yourself sitting with your legs crossed in the Alamo Square Park as you witness the beauty of the Sisters and also the remarkable park perspective of San Francisco in the background. The nighttime just makes this opinion a whole lot better. Tall buildings in town are lit up so that it's still possible to view their silhouettes in the area. But most of all, you marvel at just how perfectly made the seven homes are. They may vary in color and possibly somewhat different from one another, but you can definitely tell they're related. You look around the playground and see different folks taking in this opinion. A bunch of friends huddled up together talk about their future strategies and a dog and its owner is simply sitting in the bud and relaxing after a day's jog. The sky is getting darker as the night slowly creeps in and another day is going to begin.